Pet Eye Infections

Not only are eye infections painful for pets, but they can lead to complications if your pet doesn't get the necessary treatment. That's why it can be important to look after your pet's eyes and look out for signs of irritation. We at Rock Creek Veterinary Hospital are located in Broomfield, CO and offers care to patients in Boulder, CO, Louisville, CO, Thornton, CO, and Superior, CO. We're here to help if your pet is dealing with an eye infection. 

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Symptoms of Eye Infections in Pets

While your pet can't tell you about its symptoms, eye infections usually have obvious symptoms, especially as the condition progresses. Pets may have swollen or visible irritated eyes. Other symptoms may include:

    • Discharge: Infections may cause your pet to release a mucus-like discharge from his eyes.  
    • Pawing at the eye: Since eye infections are painful, your pet may paw at his eye in an attempt to relieve its pain. Some pets may accidentally scratch the eye, making symptoms worse.
    • Red or bloodshot eyes: When a pet has an eye infection, he is likely to have redness or a pink color around the edges of the affected eye. Bloodshot eyes are also common.
    • Keeping the eye closed: Infections can make eyes more sensitive to light. Your pet may keep his eyes shut to prevent physical discomfort. 

What Causes Pet Eye Infections?

Most eye infections occur because a foreign substance meets the eye. There are many substances that can potentially irritate your pet's eyes, including:

    • Dust and dirt
    • Hair 
    • Fungus

Other potential causes include viral infections and eye injuries. Some conditions, like allergies, can cause similar symptoms. It can help to visit a veterinarian at our veterinary hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

When to See a Veterinarian

It's a good idea to reach out to your vet if your pet is showing signs of an eye infection, but if his symptoms are mild, you may be able to treat them at home.

If your pet's symptoms are more severe, or if his symptoms aren't improving after its eyes are cleaned, your pet may need additional treatment in order to recover. A vet at our veterinary hospital may prescribe antibiotics to treat your pet's infection. 

Get Pet Eye Infection Treatment at Our Vet Hospital

Reach out to us at Rock Creek Veterinary Hospital if you're concerned that your pet may have an eye infection. Our offices are in Broomfield, CO, allowing us to provide care to patients in Thornton, CO, Superior, CO, Boulder, CO, and Louisville, CO. Contact us today to request an appointment. Call us at (720) 669-4200 for more information from our vet hospital.


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