Pet Dental FAQs

Keeping your pet’s mouth healthy is just one of the many important tasks for pet owners. Our team at Rock Creek Veterinary Hospital, serving Broomfield, CO, Louisville, CO, Boulder, CO, Superior, CO, and Thornton, CO, is here to help your pet get the pet dental care he needs from a “veterinarian near me” at our vet hospital. 

Pet Dental FAQs

Do Pets Need Professional Pet Dental Care?

When it comes to dental care, it’s different between pets and humans. One difference is that your pet can’t speak to tell you he is in pain. Brushing his teeth at home can be helpful but professional cleanings can take care of plaque build-up and ensure that the associated bacteria don’t destroy your pet’s health.

Additionally, it allows the vet to keep an eye out for cavities, dental disease, and other issues. The earlier these things can be addressed, the better the outcome.

How Often Does My Pet Need Pet Dental Care?

For most pets, it’s a yearly process. However, your vet will need to provide guidance as your pet might need care more often if issues are present.

How Do I Know if My Pet Has Dental Issues?

Some signs of potential issues include swelling around the mouth or face, a decrease in appetite, broken teeth, trouble swallowing, rubbing his paw against his face constantly, or a change in behavior. The best way to know for certain is to take your pet to a vet hospital for an exam.

Why Is Anesthesia Used for Cleanings?

This is a common question. After all, humans don’t typically need to be sedated when having his teeth cleaned. However, humans know what is going on and can comply with the dentist’s requests. Your pet doesn’t understand that he needs to lie still and allow the veterinarian to take X-rays, do a full exam, and thoroughly clean his teeth and beneath the gum line. Anesthesia helps ensure that your pet is still and safe while having this process performed.

Get Pet Care from a Veterinarian at Our Veterinary Hospital

Call Rock Creek Veterinary Hospital at (720) 669-4200 to schedule a cleaning with our team. We serve Broomfield, CO, Louisville, CO, Boulder, CO, Superior, CO, or Thornton, CO, with help from a “veterinarian near me” at our veterinary hospital.

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