Pet Dermatology FAQs

When a pet scratches, bites, or licks at its skin incessantly, it probably has some sort of dermatology problem. This can range from contact allergies to a flea bite or even an autoimmune disease. To restore your pet's comfort and make the itching stop, you should bring them to our veterinary hospital for an exam. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about pet dermatology that we hear at Rock Creek Veterinary Hospital. 

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Why Does My Dog or Cat Have a Skin Rash?

Pets can often get a skin rash from some sort of contact allergen. This could be something like the shampoo that you use to bathe your pet, a houseplant that the pet rubs up against, or something that it eats. If your pet gets bitten by a flea or tick, that can also cause a rash. If the rash persists for several days and does not appear to be improving, it's time to call the vet for an exam.

How Do I Tell if My Pet is Allergic to Something?

When your pet is allergic to touching or ingesting something, it is known as contact dermatitis. Certain chemicals, grooming products, and types of plants can trigger an allergic reaction if your pet simply touches them. Irritated, itchy skin in pets usually (but not always) means your pet is allergic to something. Your pet might start to sneeze, and its eyes may become runny. Losing fur can be another symptom of a pet allergy. We can conduct allergy testing on your pet here at the vet hospital.

What Can Cause My Pet to Lose Fur?

Certain parasites can cause fur loss, such as those that cause mange and ringworm. Contact dermatitis and skin infections can also lead to your pet losing patches of fur. These can usually be cleared up, but you need a proper diagnosis from your veterinarian first. If the problem is not addressed, your pet is likely to keep biting and scratching at the affected area and will continue losing fur.

How Can I Protect My Pet's Skin from Problems?

Bathing and grooming your pet on a regular basis can help keep skin problems away. Fleas and ticks can be a problem here in Colorado, so pets that spend a lot of time outdoors should be bathed more often. You should regularly check your pet's coat and skin during flea and tick season, in addition to bathing them. If you don't have time for bathing your pet, you can bring them to the Rock Creek Pet Spa.

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