Pet Dermatology

Pet Dermatology: What Pet Owners Should Know

Pets make for wonderful companions and can add a lot to households. However, just like humans, animal companions can suffer from a variety of health issues. Dermatology problems, in particular, are common with cats, dogs, and other pets. Need to speak with a veterinarian serving Thornton, Superior, Boulder, Louisville, Broomfield, and other areas nearby? Contact Rock Creek Veterinary Hospital. 


If you believe that your animal companion is suffering a severe issue, it’s smart to visit a vet hospital right away. Your pet’s dermatology problems could be a sign of a serious problem, such as a severe allergic reaction. This is especially true if you notice breathing issues, which can accompany allergic skin reactions. Timely care at a veterinary hospital could prevent serious complications.

Common Pet Dermatology Issues and How a Vet Can Help

Veterinarians are experts when it comes to caring for animals. Besides extensive education, the typical vet will have a lot of hands-on experience. Often, dermatology issues are the result of allergies. Besides the usual culprits, like pollen and mold, your animal companion’s issues could be caused by household cleaners, food allergies, and more.

A food allergy can produce vomiting and diarrhea. Yet it can also cause rashes, hives, and other dermatology issues. If your pet’s fur is in poor condition, it may be due to a food allergy or poor nutrition.

Infections Are a Serious Risk

Infections are a common cause of dermatology issues as well. Besides skin problems, your cat, dog, or other pet may suffer earaches and issues with their eyes. If you notice any problems with the ears or eyes, it’s wise to contact a veterinarian right away. It’s crucial to protect a pet’s vision and hearing.

Cuts and scratches often heal on their own. However, some microbes can prove especially persistent. If your pet has suffered a severe cut, even if the bleeding has stopped, you should schedule an appointment at a veterinarian hospital. Antibiotics and other treatments may be in order, and early treatment could prevent serious complications.

Don’t Overlook Parasites

Also, keep an eye out for parasites like ticks and fleas. They can cause rashes and other issues. It’s wise to protect your cat, dog, or other pet using anti-flea and tick prevention treatments. If it’s too late for prevention, a veterinarian can recommend shampoos and other treatments.

Comprehensive Veterinary Care in Colorado

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