Itchy Skin & Ear infection

Unfortunately, many pets are prone to problems with their skin and ears. An ear infection or rash could greatly impact your companion’s quality of life. However, a veterinarian can help. If you live in or near Broomfield, Louisville, Boulder, Superior, or Thornton, feel free to stop by Rock Creek Veterinary Hospital. Our vet has helped countless pets and their owners deal with ear and skin issues, including infections, allergies, and wounds. 

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Why Your Pet Might Be Suffering From Skin Issues

Many pets have sensitive skin and fur. Sometimes, their skin can seem even more temperamental than our own skin. You may notice bald spots forming on your pet, or they may be constantly licking and pawing at certain spots. This could be due to issues with their skin.

Many different things can irritate a pet’s skin, including:

  • Parasites like fleas, mites, and ticks
  • Seasonal allergies
  • A wound or cut
  • Allergic reactions to various chemicals
  • Food allergies

Pets can’t communicate with their owners very easily. This makes it important to keep a close eye on your pet and to watch for signs of trouble. It’s also wise to take your companion in for regular checkups with a vet. Even if you monitor your pet, you may miss some tell-tale signs that a veterinarian might spot.

Why Might Your Companion be Suffering Ear Issues?

Many pets rely heavily on their ears. Dogs and cats typically have better hearing than humans. Unfortunately, pets are also vulnerable to ear infections and other issues, which can cause a great deal of pain and may even threaten your companion’s ability to hear. If you believe your pet is suffering from an ear infection, you should take him or her to a vet right away.

If pets have an ear infection, they will often paw at their ears or shake their head. You may also notice a discharge or odors stemming from the ear. If you notice inflammation, crusting, or a discharge buildup inside the ear, it may be due to an ear infection. Be careful when inspecting your pet as they may be in a lot of pain and thus short-tempered. It may be best to simply take your companion to a vet hospital.

Common causes of pet ear infections include:

  • A bacterial or yeast infection
  • Ear mites
  • Standing water in the ear
  • A foreign object
  • A cut or wound

Fortunately, with both ear and skin problems, a veterinarian can help. The exact type of treatment will depend on the root cause of your companion’s problems. Antibiotics, antifungal treatments, and anti-parasite medications may be prescribed. Lifestyle changes, such as keeping your pet inside when the pollen count is high, might also be in order.

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