What to expect at your pets visit

We are currently allowing owners with pets in the office for their pet's visit. We are following CDC protocols for mask mandate in our office. We still can offer curbside care for your pet if you would like this service. Please do not enter our lobby until it is cleared of clients/patients.

What to expect during your pet's examination 

For the safety of our staff, all examinations, vaccinations, or diagnostics will be taking place in the back treatment area outside of the room. First, a veterinary technician who will discuss your pet's health care needs and obtain a brief medical history from you.

They will take your pet to the treatment area and our veterinarian will examine your pet before coming back to the room to answer your questions and review any treatments that may be necessary.

We continue to clean and disinfect our hospital routinely while also increasing personal hygiene practices (i.e. handwashing)

Thank you for your continued trust of your pet's health care to us.